Artist: Granet, Guy

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This is a French Mid-Century Modern period advertising poster for a motor cross competition sponsored by Veedol motor oil from 1956. This is a bold and dynamic poster that features many of the hallmarks of mid century modern advertising design: a simple color palate, simplified shapes and designs, and an eclectic group of typography. The center of the poster features a motor cross rider practically jumping out of the image, with soft lines surrounding him indicating movement. The rest of the image features a small modern looking outline of a crowd watching the competition. Surrounding this image, both above and below, is text providing information on the competition and its sponsor - Veedol Motor Oil.

Veedol Motor Oil was a product owned by the Tide Water Oil Company, which was founded in New York City in 1887. Tide Water merged with the Associated Oil Company in 1936 and are known as the Tidewater Associated Oil Company today.

Printed by Imprimerie H. Garnaud & Fils - Angouleme, Sonorisation SES Publicite, 1956.

Approx. Size: 24" x 32" (61cm x 81cm)
Artist: Granet, Guy
Circa: 1956
Origin: France
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ID: 00549

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